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Deciding what book to read can sometimes be problematic for someone who can be indecisive.  Faced with the problem of which author’s sequel of books previously read will I read – what do I do?  I choose to try another author I hadn’t read before.  Started reading Fiona McIntosh’s book Royal exile which is book one of The Valisar trilogy.

Once started I find that I can’t put the book down.  The book tells the story of the fall of the Valisars, who are the rulers of the richest and most powerful realm of the Denova Set – Penraven.  The back cover describes the plot as:

From out of the East came the warlord Loethar and his barbarian horde … like a merciless plague they swarm across kingdoms to destroy all who had once mocked them. Only one land remains to be conquered. The richest and most powerful realm of the Denova Set … Penraven. The Valisar rulers face certain death, for the savage tyrant Loethar covets what they alone possess: the fabled Valisar Enchantment, an irresistible power to coerce. The last hope of the besieged kingdom escapes in the company of a single warrior. The future of Penraven now rests on the shoulders of this young Valisar royal, but he must survive brutality and treachery in order to unravel the mystery of his heritage.

The book describes why Loethar is considered a barbarian but also chronicles the flight of the young Valisar royal who must survive with the aid of a trusted friend to be able to defeat this barbarian.  You are continually left asking why this is happening.  The book is well written and I did enjoy it.