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If you are into books about political intrigue and family loyalties and betrayals with some magic thrown in then the Hythrun Chronicles series is definitely for you.  This is well written and enjoyable with characters that you get to know over time and even if you feel you know them well you find something new about them.  The second book in the series is called Warrior and we find that since Wolfblade some things have changed while others have stayed the same.

It is eight years since Marla Wolfblade buried her second husband. In that time, she has become the power behind Hythria′s throne. But while Marla plays her own political game, Alija – High Arrion of the Sorcerers′ Collective – plots her downfall and the destruction of the Wolfblade line.

Marla′s fortune may not be enough to protect herself and her family … especially her son, Damin, growing up far away in Krakandar. Damin′s uncle, Mahkas, has convinced himself that his only daughter is destined to marry her cousin, but his obsession leads to unexpected and tragic results.

Meanwhile, Elezaar the Fool, Marla′s greatest confidante, must face his own crisis, and his infamous Rules of Gaining and Wielding Power are of no use to him when his brother is involved …

Again thoroughly enjoyed it.  From the first page you get the feeling that Damin Wolfblade’s life is in constant danger.  The fact that the first attack is just a test of the young Damin’s ability to defend himself doesn’t change the sense of danger.  Damin doesn’t appear to be someone who takes things seriously in the beginning but is constantly joking and fooling around.  It’s not until a tragedy involving his foster brother Starros and cousin Leila that we see that there is a different side to Damin. On top of this Hythria is about to be attacked by the Fardonyhans and Damin has to prove  himself there.  In the meantime Marla’s trusted friend and confidante is forced to betray Marla with far reaching consequences.  Loved every minute of it.