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Going back over books that I have read previously the next one of Jennifer Fallon’s books I read was Treason Keep, book 2 of the The Demon Child trilogy.  The first book in the series didn’t leave R’shiel in  a good state and you are left wondering what’s going to happen. 

On the brink of death, R′shiel, the Demon Child, is taken to the Harshini haven of Sanctuary, where crucial decisions are being made. The Harshini will not survive long enough for another demon child to reach maturity, even if such a child was born tomorrow. Can R′shiel′s life be saved?

On Medalon′s northern border, Tarja Tenragan and the Defenders are helpless as Karien threatens war. An alliance with the Hythrun could be Medalon′s only chance, but should Tarja trust Damin Wolfblade, Warlord and heir to the throne of Hythria?

King Hablet of Fardonyha will ally with whoever seems to offer the most reward. His eldest daughter, Princess Adrina, could prove to be his greatest asset. The wayward and rebellious Adrina has her own plans and they do not include obedience … to her father or her new husband.

R’Shiel is taken to Sanctuary which is the home of the Harshini where she is nursed back to  health.  She stumbles through trying to deal with the Kariens entering Medalon and finally accepts her destiny to deal with them and their God. 

Here we are introduced to more of the characters that will play a big part in the battle that is looming.  We learn about Princess Adrina of Fardonyha who is forced to marry the Prince of Karien but is not happy about it.  We find her a stubborn, fiesty woman who nonetheless does wish to do the right thing by her people although she doesn’t agree with her fathers decision that she has to marry Prince Cratyn of Karien.

We learn more about Lord Damin Wolfblade of Hythria and his connection to the Fardonyha Kingdom.  We also finally see R’Shiel accept her destiny and decide to deal with the Kariens and their God.  Though in the process she does do some matchmaking and organising of other people’s personal lives in the process.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and was eager to read the last book in the trilogy Harshini.