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Finally managed to finish another book.  This time I read Kirsten Beyer’s Star Trek Voyager: Unworthy. This is set after the defeat of the Borg and covers the Starship Voyager’s trip back into the Delta quadrant.  Voyager has a new captain – Afsarah Eden who is immediately beseiged with unexplained problems with the new slipstream drive and questions of sabotage and who is behind it.  On board are Chakotay – who has resigned his commission to assist Seven of Nine in her quest to find out the meaning of the voice in  her head and why the Caeliar have withheld the “perfection” given to the Borg from her.  Suspicion immediately falls on Chakotay as the possible saboteur.  Upon reaching the Delta quadrant Captain Eden is immediately met with danger via a species known as the Indign who worship the Borg and offer the Borg “offerings”.

Captain Eden finally descovers who is behind the sabotage and it comes from the person she has least expected it to come from – Admiral Willem Batiste, the fleet commanding officer and Captain Eden’s ex-husband.  Voyager meet Species 8472 again and they discover that Admiral Batiste isn’t who they thought he was.

Thoroughly enjoyed the book and was interested to see how some of the personnel deal with being back in the Delta quadrant considering this is set about 3 years after Starship Voyager returned from the Delta quadrant under Captain Janeway.