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Just finished reading Traci Harding’s Gene of Isis which is Book 1 of the Mystique Trilogy. The book had me engrossed as it followed the life of three remarkable women in Ashlee Granville Devere, from childhood to her adventures in Egypt, Mia Montrose, Ashlee’s great – great – granddaughter and Lillet du Lac, a 13th century Guardian of the Keys for the Grail bloodline.  This book had it’s villains in Christian Molier who was chasing a special vial that would give him eternal life. A secret brotherhood formed to protect the secrets of the Grail bloodline is also involed so you have a book full of spirits who are helping the heroine in her quest, a secret brotherhood that is trying to protect the heroine, but are suspected of murder by the heroine and a true villain who is difficult to kill.  The book is also a note on people’s

Mia Montrose is a 21st-century Australian woman with a Doctorate in Ancient Languages who has just scored the most promising job of her career. When Mia experiences mysterious happenings and forces beyond her control, she begins to understand that history does not always stay in the past.

 Ashlee Granville is a 19th-century clairvoyant, forced to suppress her talents as she enters the marriage market of English upper-class society. But Ashlee is not a girl who likes to bow to the inevitable – she has plans of her own.

 Lillet du Lac is a 13th-century woman, priestess of an ancient order now protected by the Cathar faith, who are making their last stand against the Roman Catholic Franks at the giant hill fort of Montségur. As the castle falls, Lillet escapes with something more valuable than any of their lives …

Despite the time, distance and cultures that separate them, these women share several things in common. They belong to an ancient bloodline of Grail kings, protected by a Sion knight named Albray, and they are each compelled to visit an ancient mountain in the Sinai. This mount contains the keys which may unlock a gateway to a dimension of light and the Gene of Isis. 

This book really keeps you in suspense until the end about what the outcome will be and even then you are left wanting more and wondering what else happens.  I’m really looking forward to Book 2.