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After finishing reading the David Eddings books I decided to look for an Australian fantasy author and while browsing the shelves at Galaxy Bookshop for what else there is in the ‘E’ section came across Jennifer Fallon’s Medalon.  This is Book 1 in The Demon Child trilogy.  I’m glad I decided to purchase the book and read it because I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the story.

Medalon’s back cover describes the story as:

The small country of Medalon lies between the vast nation of Karien in the north and the nations of Fardohnya and Hythria in the south. For centuries the Medalonians co-existed peacefully with the Harshini, a magical race that abhors killing. They are gone now and the Sisters of the Blade rule Medalon from the Citadel. An elite army of Defenders enforces the Sisterhood’s oppressive rule. The Harshini and their demons are believed to be extinct and Medalon has an uneasy peace with its northern and southern neighbours. R’shiel Tenragan, daughter of the First Sister, and her half-brother Tarja find themselves caught up in the political infighting amongst the Sisters of the Blade. When their mother’s scheming becomes too much to bear, they flee the Citadel and their lives take a turn neither could ever have imagined.

Meanwhile, far south in Hythria, Brak, a Harshini outcast, is called on to find the demon child, the half-human child of the dead Harshini King, Lorandranek.

At first I thought this was the usual book where the protagonist has an issue with an ambitious parent/unfeeling parent – something I don’t always find enjoyable but I found that the more I read the more I enjoyed the book.  R’shiel is the typical young adult rebelling against parental control but you always get the feeling that there is more to the relationship.

I found R’shiel’s struggles to understand what is going on and why she is feeling the way she is believable and real.  I did feel frustrated with her sometimes over her “me” attitude.  “Why is this happening to me” but it was also understandable.  Loved the book and made me finish reading the whole series.

I did go on to read Jennifer Fallon’s other books and have so far enjoyed all!