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Finally finished reading The Immortal Prince.  Even though I found it hard to begin with – no fault of the author – just me having difficulty getting my head around the characters involved.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book and have been left with wanting to get going with the next one in the series, The Gods of Amyrantha.  I guess the reason I found this one difficult to start of with is that it’s different to Jennier Fallon’s other books The Demon Child Trilogy, The Hythrun Chronicles and Second Sons Trilogy.  In those there wasn’t so much detail about the main character. 

Found myself wondering if Cayal the Immortal Prince was serious about what he says about himself or whether he was just weaving Arkady Desean a fairytale story.  Even though she was sceptical about him, she came around believing him.  Got me thinking about how people represent themselves to others and how one incident or event can be seen differently by each person involved.  Even though Cayal said that he has done things he’s not proud of you are left wondering what he has left off in the telling of the story.

Other thing you see is that lives based on lies do  have a way of getting you into difficult situations and require a lot of work to continue lying and protecting yourself from those who wish to tear you down.  There seems to be a theme of those in power will sometime do things that are not in the best interest of those that they are responsible for.

I’m also guessing that I’m reading too much into the story.  Oh well, I guess my next decision is which book do I read : The Priestess of the White or Star Trek: Destiny Book 1: Gods of the Night.  I think I might give fantasy a rest and go with Star Trek: Destiny.