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Jennifer Fallon’s Immortal Prince a book that I’m finding very hard to get into only because there is so much there.  The story goes:

′He′s insisting he′s a Tide Lord and he′s begging us to try again … to kill him, that is.′

When a routine hanging goes wrong, the survivor announces he is Cayal the Immortal Prince, a Tide Lord. However, the only known record of the immortal beings of Amyrantha is the Tide Lord Tarot … and everyone knows it is just a parlour-game, an amusement.

Arkady Desean, an expert on the legends of the Crasii — a part-animal, part-human race — is sent to interrogate Cayal. But, in exposing this would-be immortal, Arkady′s own web of deceit threatens to unravel.

Nothing is really as it seems around the Immortal Prince. The lies seem plausible, his stories improbable … and the truth is more than any of them bargained for.

The story is rich in detail and spends a lot of time in establishing the characters and their relationships.  I’m almost finished but couldn’t resist putting a post about it as an entry into talking more about it.