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Just finished reading Kim Falconer‘s Spell of Rosette which is book 1 in the Quantum Enchantment series.  The book back cover describes the plot as:

Rosette is a child of two worlds: Gaela, steeped in magic, and an Earth choked with failing technology. The key to their survival is literally in her blood, a spell passed down through her family line to preserve the one they′re sworn to protect.

Shadowed by the fabled Kreshkali, queen of the underworld and mistress of the wolf-like Lupins, Rosette and the temple cat, Drayco, find themselves little more than a step ahead of those who will do anything to control the portal that links the many-worlds.

Unaware of her lineage, Rosette runs scared when her family is murdered. She takes refuge with Nell, a shape-shifting high priestess of the ancient blood, who teaches her the arts of witchcraft, stars and sword.

The story is well developed and you really get a feel for the characters and the scenery.  There are points in the story where it seems to go from one characters story to anothers making the passage’s seem disjointed but this mainly happens when a  new major character is introduced and you get an introduction to their surroundings.  This doesn’t happen too often making the breaks seem more like brief asides rather than anything else.

Definitely makes it hard to put the book down. Great story and looking forward to reading the next one in the series.  Next one to read is Arrows of Time.